About CISA

Cambodia Internet Startup Association (CISA), the first Chinese community on venture capital in Internet industry, was initiated jointly by leading Chinese companies in the internet industry in Cambodia, including Smile Shop, Gold Zone Media, 58cam.com, Compass Real Estate, CamHR, FOCUS DIGITAL, etc. Officially registered with the Ministry of Interior in January 2022, CISA is committed to expanding business networking, incubating start-ups, and providing services related to training, investing, and financing; CISA seeks to facilitate communication with regulators and gain their support by serving as the collective voice. The vision of CISA is to empower Cambodian Internet start-ups and build a brilliant milestone along the path of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

The Strategic Partnership

On the principle of win-win cooperation, Cambodia Internet Startup Association (CISA) and Cambodian Association of Finance & Technology (CAFT) have established a strategic partnership and will jointly provide a variety of services for all communities. A discount on the member packages will be offered if you join both CISA and CAFT. We are waiting for you!


CISA’s Board Members are composed of experts and entrepreneurs with strong expertise and remarkable achievements in the internet industry. They are leading pioneers to expand the prosperity of Cambodia’s emerging Internet economy.

Linken Teng

Board Treasurer

liu hong fei

Media Manager

To empower Cambodia Internet Startups and Build Brilliant Milestone along the path of “Belt and Road Initiative”

This era empowers us, and we make it greater.

Annual Strategic Partners

Founding Members